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Ebooks are set to become one of the hottest selling items on the Internet. Talented and up-and-coming writers, and those with information that others will pay for, have an incredible forum in this exciting new medium, with the potential to reach out to potentially limitless numbers of readers.

If you are planning to write and publish your own ebook on the internet, it may have occurred to you that one problem faced by your potential readership is the lack of "tangibility" of an ebook. In the "real" world, one can pick a book off the shelves and browse through it and make a decision about it. That isn't the case with an ebook.

That's why an attractive ebook cover is vital to the success of your title!

Marketing Edge Designs gives you the very best customised covers, with personalised attention to detail, and terrific creativity designed to show off your work in the best possible light!

Ebooks are judged by their covers! Studies have shown that a good ebook cover will overwhelmingly influence the viewers' perception about the quality of the content - - as much as the ad copy for a business book! That means: great covers...great sales! But, what constitutes a great cover? Many factors. But one important point is that the cover should complement the story -- thus instantly giving the reader an insight into your ebook's story or content. Covers dramatically increase the perceived value of your eBook, especially if it done well. And we have the expertise to give you the very best covers!

From Thrillers to Business titles, Humor to Self-Help, we're here to give you the ideal, the most fitting, the most attention-getting visuals for your ebooks!

So why not give us a chance to design one for you? Take a look at the covers we have designed for other authors and email us with your ideas for your ebook cover. Please note that we reserve the right to do something else if we feel that it will look better -- which is definitely in your best interest!

Email us at admin@marketingedgedesigns.com with any questions that you may have. If you would like to place an order for a cover, you can purchase one at the introductory price of only $100 for a professional-looking 2D and 3D cover for your ebook . Contact us at sales @ marketingedgedesigns.com for payment details.

Marketing Edge Designs is Eva Almeida and Manoj Vijayan. We also handle logo and banner design, cartooning and illustration. Talk to us about your needs.

For any further information, please email us at: sales @ marketingedgedesigns.com

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